Nanomedicine is a revolutionary interdisciplinary science which combines knowledge from Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Medicine to treat conditions and diseases of the human body on an atomic and molecular level. Nanomedicine has many applications, from drug delivery to individual cell repair, to artificial tissues and radiation therapy.

A professional in the field of Nanomedicine can pursue a career in one of the following fields:

  • Biomedical Technologies
  • Academic Research and Instruction
  • Industrial Research and Development
  • Pharmaceutical and Drug Development
  • Clinical Consultations and Services

This innovative, multidisciplinary program is the first of its kind in the United States. It provides revolutionary approaches in tumor Nanotherapy, drug delivery Nanosystems, Nanosensor Technology and the use of medical imaging and therapeutic modalities in modern medical physics.

Radiological Technologies University offers two unique program paths into Nanomedine: MS in Nanomedicine, a 41 credit hour, two year program; or a dual degree MS in Nanomedicine and Medical Physics, a three year, 57 credit hour program.